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Get a full-time marketer, part-time.
(You may even qualify for up to $5K in funding*)
* Well of course there are conditions. But let's talk, first meeting's free...

Marketing Advice in Gisborne.

Everyone will tell you that you have to be online. And they're right.


But, you still have to be relevant. And you still have to be able to be found online. And you still need to look good. And a bad website can still cost as much as a good one. So why not get a good one?

make sure your website is relevant to yourmarket

Working closely with a really good local designer, I developed a strong strategy that led to the new pay-off line. Then wrote all the web and printed material copy, presented it to all the stakeholders, got buy-in and - voila!  A website that works for buyers and sellers of fruit.


Always have a benefit.


Man what a trip! A bold strategy meets a brave client and magic happens.

1) Talk to farmers like they're     businesspeople. 

2) Add a proposition to support   that.

3) Base everything on fact.

4) Sell all the bulls.


invest in photography for impact


A great Gisborne business. The client wanted a website that showed how fresh and real their product was. Once again, a great local designer added the magic touches, while I created baselines, all the copy and the photographic treatment for the products

Interesting mind-expanding marketing stuff:


Dave Trott is a creative director and the author of Creative Mischief,  Predatory Thinking and, most recently, One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking. 

He's also a real gas.

I worked with Gill for many years in Africa. She's super smart, and takes no shit from anyone. Even me. 

AdTherapy is filled with great ideas, no nonsense solutions and good old- fashioned common sense. Go get some.



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Creative Bloq's Designers

Great design isn't just pretty: it nails your brand to the consumer's brain. Think three stripes, or four circles, or a swoosh...

Check out some really cool design stuff here & blow some fresh air through your head.

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