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Big White Shirt was here...

Looking for a cost-effective, measurable, way to lift traffic and turnover? Ever considered that your small-to-medium business could benefit from behaving like a big Brand?  These guys did. 


A complete rebrand. Hugely successful campaign. One of my favourite clients.  

Gisborne Fisheries

A cracking local design guy, a cracking local photographer, a smart client and a proper result.

MODO Flooring

A Gisborne institution, this business decided to rebrand and expand into Christchurch. I managed everything from Brand design to signage to painting the building and vans. Great outcome.


A client who benchmarks her business internationally, and prides herself on award-winning service. A frank re-look at the Brand, more emphasis placed on new target markets (men!) and a fresh new face for the business...

Spade Oak Vineyard

Steve & Eileen Vosey make beautiful wine. I'm a big fan. And Steve is a great winemaker. So we developed a story about Steve, and his wines, and the history of Steve and his wines, and the last time I saw Steve he said "Thanks for nothing mate; I'm too busy to even sit down."

Be careful what you ask for.

Ritchie Civil

Ritchie Civil do concrete. Properly. We developed a way for them to concentrate on the big jobs and still get the small jobs into a proper system. Lots of great feedback on this site. It works as hard as they do. 


A big challenge this - no one really knew what Fenns did. So we defined that, and then made the website about top of the line, Fenn's favourite, and the best seller.

Add a great eye-catching logo & new livery and Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Boom!

Kaiaponi Farms

Kaiaponi Farms both grow fruit and pack it. So they needed a website that appealed to other growers who need their fruit packed, and to fruit buyers both here and overseas. 

A great designer worked with a hot photographer to make everything look like a million bucks, the site is basically split in two, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

I've done it for these guys; I can do it for you. Call me now!

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