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"The fundamental aim of marketing is to make more money by meeting the customer's needs"


If you're in Gisborne and need some marketing oomph in your business, Big White Shirt could be the answer. While every business needs a full time marketing programme, not every business needs a full time marketer. Big White Shirt offers Gisborne businesses of any size hands-on marketing expertise when they need it.


Big White Shirt works across all sectors to create long-term, implementable marketing strategies that make a difference to your customers. Which means they make a difference to your profits. 

We'll arrange quotes for you too, for everything from photography to building and writing a website, to SEO, hosting, email and everything else. Anyone we recommend is a tried and trusted (local if possible) supplier who will do what you need, on time and on budget.


And just so you know, all supplier invoices go straight to you - clipping the ticket twice is not Big White Shirt's business model.

Steve Abramowitz

25 years' experience on some of the biggest brands in the world.

Yeah. I'm a Brand Guy. And I've worked in many countries on some of the biggest Brands there are: General Motors, Coke, Mars Confectionary and Pet Foods, Proctor & Gamble, ASB and Westpac, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, a whole heap of big booze accounts, airline after airline, cities, hotels, casinos, agricultural, domestic and just about anything else you can think of. 

What I bring to the party (besides a real liking for wine) is all that method and thinking huge Brands have spent up large on putting into place, which I then apply as needed to small businesses looking to get momentum. 

I have won lots of awards, all over the world,  for my ads. The ones I take most seriously are the awards for ads that achieved great results. Because let's be honest - if your marketing effort doesn't reflect on the bottom line, it's not much of a marketing effort.

Oh yeah, one more thing. I may have international experience, but I charge local prices. 

The Brand Guy

Big White Shirt will help you with:

  • Marketing Strategy; 

  • Defining your target market;

  • Website copy and SEO;

  • Finding the right designer, photographer, sign guy, painter, website builder for your business;

  • Timelines and budgets;

  • All the other stuff you may need.

Here's the menu:

Get some Brand backbone into your business - call me on 021777761 today.
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